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In the fall of 2008, at the dawn of the Great Recession, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler - three of the most famous and powerful American industrial companies- found themselves on the verge of total collapse.


LIVE ANOTHER DAY is the story of why it happened and how these companies were really rescued by the U.S. Government. Based on the book Crash Course, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Ingrassia, the film provides exclusive insights and anecdotes from all the major participants at the center of this uniquely North American drama: the key members of President Obama’s Automotive Task Force, top executives of GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the UAW; politicians, journalists and academics.


This story is remarkable; full of twists and turns, betrayal, larger than life characters and Masters of the Universe, political intrigue, backroom backstabbing, unsung heroes and self-proclaimed ones, all of whom combine to prove once again that sometimes truth trumps fiction.


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